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Management System

Management System

Types of Management System

  • NCP Network Management Card
    NCP is a network management module specially designed for OTNS8600 series products by Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. Its main function is to provide the interface between equipment and network.

What is a Network Management System

A network management system (NMS) is an application or set of applications that lets network administrators manage a network's independent components inside a bigger network management framework. NMS may be used to monitor both software and hardware components in a network. It usually records data from a network's remote points to carry out central reporting to a system administrator.

Network configuration is the process of determining and defining network flow, how a network will operate, and how a network will be controlled. This happens during the initial stages of setting up a network and involves arranging and maintaining information related to your network components. Network configuration management activities, then, simply involve the continuous process of managing and overseeing network device setup and maintenance, in addition to managing the firmware and software installed on network devices. Network configuration management also involves device discovery, device configuration monitoring, device status monitoring, and inventory maintenance.

The network configurations management database is at the core of network configuration management processes. If a network issue arises and repair is needed, or a network component needs to be upgraded or altered, the network administrator will review the network configuration management database for any relevant information, which they will then use to make informed remediation decisions. The database is responsible for storing the location and IP address for every single hardware device, as well as any other data relating to updates, versions, default settings, and programs.

How Does a Network Management System Work

Network Management System main function is to provide interfaces for equipment and network management systems. The module, together with the OTNS8600 series NMS network management system, completes each single-board management and transmission of various maintenance and management signal for each network element, realize the real-time monitoring, maintenance and management for equipment network elements and the whole synchronous equipment network, thus offering a good solution for equipment monitoring.


  • Adopt the high speed ARM processor, provide the powerful data processing ability, collect state information, alarm events and performance parameters of all single-board functional modules, and conduct transformation, processing and storage, and also transmit the control and management information to other each functional modules of the equipment at the same time;

  • Provide a Console interface, support simulation terminal operation;

  • Provide 3 *SNMP interfaces, support graphical SNMP support based on IP modes;

  • Provide 3*SFP optical transceiver interfaces, support equipment in-band management, realize processing of 3 optical monitoring channels.

Network management module supports hot plug, and it also does not affect the normal working of the current service module upon the failure.