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100G Bypass Protection Device

100G Bypass Protection Device

  • 600x600

Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. launched the 100G Bypass protection device is used for network line protection, the device is connected in series in the optical port Ethernet link, with active and passive Bypass function, in the inline system failure or maintenance to keep the integrity of the network connection, supports intelligent switching of all kinds of gateway devices (e.g., firewalls, IDPs, UTMs, intrusion prevention systems, spam gateways, dedicated network auditing devices, etc.).

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100G Bypass Protection Device Product Features

  • Pluggable modular design, all components support hot swapping

  • Single device supports 4 pairs of 100G link access Bypass capability

  • TAP interface with splitter function to provide link data mirroring

  • With optical power amplification protection function, provide the original link optical power amplification at the same time can be amplified link Bypass protection

  • Supports three switching/protection modes:

  • K0 hard pass-through, K1 soft forwarding and mirroring, and K2 soft forwarding and serial connection.

  • Hard switching time<5ms, soft switching supports no packet loss on external links

  • Soft forwarding state supports high-speed non-blocking full wire-speed processing capability

  • Supports panel physical switches to toggle link state

  • Supports link hold mode, which maintains the set state regardless of changes in the link state

  • Supports service module heartbeat monitoring function

  • Supports port optical power monitoring, packet statistics

  • With ACL rule matching function, support for the winning traffic forwarding or passthrough

  • Dual power supply redundant backup design, power modules can be hot-swappable, support for AC 90~260V, DC -36 ~ -72V power supply options

  • Dual-fan redundant backup design with hot-swappable fan modules

  • With CLI, SNMP and other management functions, support open API interface management.

100G Bypass Protection Device Product Specifications

Indicator name


Number of 100G link accesses

4 pairs

100G Link optical module standard


Link interface

Standard mode WAN interface

8 pairs of LC interfaces (every 2 pairs access 1 external bidirectional link)

Low light mode WAN interface

8 pairs of LC interfaces (every 2 pairs access 1 external bidirectional link)

TAP interface

4 pairs of LC interfaces (each pair outputs 1 external bidirectional link mirroring optical signal)

LAN interface

8 QSFP28 100G optical interfaces (1 pair of local bi-directional links in series of 2)

Link protection mode

K0 mode

Hard passthrough mode, in which the physical link to the WAN interface is passthrough through a physical switching device;

K1 mode

Soft forwarding and mirroring mode, that is, through the control chip to the WAN interface between the packet corresponds to forwarding to achieve straight-through

K2 mode

Soft forwarding and concatenation mode, i.e., packets are concatenated and forwarded between the WAN and LAN interfaces via the control chip

Input optical power

Standard mode WAN interface

+4.5 ~ +10dBm

Low light mode WAN interface

-6 ~ +10dBm

LAN interface

-6 ~ +10dBm

External link insertion loss

K0 mode


K1 mode

<10.3dB (input)

<2dB (output)

K2 mode

<10.3dB (input)

<2dB (output)

TAP interface


Cutoff time

K0 mode <-> K1/K2 mode


K1 mode <-> K2 mode

No packet loss on external links

Management interface

  • 2 x 10/100/1000M Adaptive RJ45 network ports

  • 1 RJ45 type CONSOLE port  

  • Hot-swappable main control board

Management style

  • CLI command line

  • SNMP

  • Open API interface

Power supply method

  • AC: 90 ~ 260 V, DC: -36 ~ -72 V, high voltage DC optional

  • Standard CPRS power supply 1+1 hot backup

Heat dissipation method

  • Forward airflow, rear airflow

  • 1+1 fan unit backup, hot-swappable

Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

5%~85% non-condensing

Storage temperature


Equipment size

1U: 44 mm (H) x 444 mm (W) x 490 mm (D)


19-inch cabinet with 800mm depth or more



Power consumption


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