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1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier

1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier

  • 1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier
  • 1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier
  • 1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier
  • 1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier

SOA is an O-band semiconductor optical amplification board launched by Sintai Communication Co., Ltd.; its main function is to amplify the optical signal within the range of 1260~1360nm, with the maximum rate support of 160Gb/s. 

It has characteristics such as stable output power, low output noise, and low polarization-dependent gain. The single-board supports access to 2-channel independent optical signals. It's suitable for the amplification of 40G or 100G small power signals in the construction of a security system.

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1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier Features

  • 1U rackmount and pluggable chassis. 4 function board slots are supported and boards can be flexibly configured based on requirements.

  • Support optical signal amplification.

  • The optical ports are at the front and power units are at the back, which can ensure safe use.

  • Dual power hot backup: support double -48V, double 220V, or one -48V and one 220V power supply.

  • Simple structure, low power consumption, long lifespan, and low cost.

  • Easy maintenance and network management are optional.

1 Channel 40G&100G SOA Amplifier Technical parameters


Minimum Value

Normal Value

Maximum Value

Working wavelength range







Input optical power range


-10 dBm

Saturated output power

10 dBm




7.5 dB

Polarization-dependent gain


Occupied slot number

Occupy 1 slot, applicable to the platform of the whole OTNS8600 series.

Network management function

  • Support time monitoring of the port working state, including input optical power, output optical power, gain, temperature, etc.

  • Support adjustable APC gain.

  • Support adjustment of output optical power range and input optical power threshold.

Optical interface

All interfaces are LC type.

Typical power consumption

20 w


> 100000 hours

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