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32*100G Aggregation and Distribution

32*100G Aggregation and Distribution

100G Aggregation and Distribution
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ST32C is a new type of high-density 100G Ethernet aggregating and distributing equipment, which has the characteristics of high port density, rich working mode, flexible high-performance deployment, convenient management and maintenance, and can adapt to a variety of application environments. It can provide real-time network communication data for network information monitoring, network business analyzer, signaling analyzer, and other equipment as required.

ST32C aggregating and distributing equipment provides 32 40G/100G interfaces, which can be flexibly configured as data input or output interfaces. The interface standard transceiver mode and single fiber receiving data mode can be connected in the link or in the link data after splitting.

ST32C aggregating and distributing equipment provides powerful intelligent flow selection and multi-channel monitoring functions support multiport data marking, aggregation, filtering, multiple copies of data packets or load balancing and distribution output, especially suitable for complex application environment with a large number of links, large network traffic, and high density. 

ST32C aggregating and distributing equipment completely surpasses the common network collector, and integrates the splitter, filter analysis equipment, and load balancing equipment, providing a convenient and efficient data collection solution for network security, protocol analysis, and signaling detection system.

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100G Aggretation and Distribution Feature

  • High port density, providing 48x10GE and 6x100GE interfaces. 100GE and can support 4x10GE through breakout mode.

  • Ports can be flexibly configured as input and output interfaces.

  • Full-duplex line speed flow processing capacity. Using ASIC chip to realize the line speed processing of traffic, even in the case of full line speed, no packet loss will occur.

  • Support full flow aggregation, which can aggregate the flow of all ports before processing and provide homoclinic output.

  • Provide detailed port traffic statistics counter.

  • It supports traffic replication and can output multiple copies of traffic according to port, filter rule, and other conditions.

  • Powerful packet classification processing function based on the input port, quintuple, characteristic field, application protocol class, and other characteristics.

  • It supports a variety of traffic monitoring models, providing multi-interface convergence monitoring, one division and multi replication monitoring, uplink and downlink separation monitoring, and load balancing homeostasis and homoclinic shunt output monitoring.

  • Friendly management interface, providing perfect command line management, web page management, and SNMP management interface.

  • Provide detailed multi-level system log function.

  • Support multi-device cascading and collaborative management functions to facilitate the collaborative work and management of multiple devices.

100G Aggretation and Distribution Specification




445 x 44 x 340 mm (Width x Height x Depth)


Net weight: 6.6Kg; Gross weight: 8KG

Data interface

32*100GE/40GE (QSFP28) Ethernet ports

Management interface

1*10/100/1000M management network port RJ45; 1 standard UART console serial port, RJ45

Management style

Web page management mode; local or remote CLI command-line interface; RPC remote call interface


Dual redundant power supply

AC: 100 ~ 240VAC (50Hz/60Hz) or 145 ~ 350VDC (High voltage direct current)

DC: -40 ~ -60VDC

Maximum power consumption



Working temperature: 0 ~ 45℃; Storage temperature: -5 ~ 70℃;

Humidity: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

Environmental protection standard

RoHS 6

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