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8x100G →2x400G Muxponder

8x100G →2x400G Muxponder

  • 600x600
  • 624
  • 600x600
  • 624

The 2*400G Muxponder service card (P624) launched by Sintai Communication supports mapping 8x100G optical signals received on the client side into 2 OTUC4 signals and interconverting OTUC4 signals with optical signals of WDM wavelengths conforming to ITU-T standards. The line side adopts pluggable CFP2-DCO to achieve ultra-long distance transmission based on advanced technologies such as coherent detection.

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Function Structure


Product Specification

2*400G Muxponder (P624)


Support 8x100G service signals mapping to 2 OTUC4 signal

Slot number

2 slots

Line side

● 2 CFP2 optical ports: adopts 400G CFP2-DCO module, hot-pluggable

● Support wavelength adjustable, range covers 191.35~196.1 THz

● Support adjustable light-emitting power

● Support 100G~400G rate adjustable

● Support single fiber bidirectional transmission (optional)

Client side

Support 8 QSFP28 modules, hot-pluggable

OTN function

● Frame format and overhead handling using ITU-T G709 recommendations

● ODUk (k=4, C4) layer support PM and other functions

● OTUk (k=C4, C4) layer support SM functions

Support services

100GE, 100GE FlexE(Unware), OTU4

Time delay measurement

Support line-side online delay measurement based on ODU layer


Support line side and client-side loopbacks


100GE service support


Client side support when accessing non-OTN services

Alarm delay insertion

Support Local Fault alarm delay insertion and delay time setting

Performance monitoring and alarm monitoring

  • Support OTN performance monitoring and alarm monitoring functions

  • Support optical module temperature, current, optical power monitoring, etc.

  • Support Ethernet RMON monitoring

  • Support Telemetry

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