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20x10G→1x200G Muxponder

20x10G→1x200G Muxponder

20x10G into 200G CFP2 Muxponder
  • 600x600

The 200G Muxponder service card (P512) launched by Sintai Communication supports mapping the 20x10G optical signal received on the client side to a 1 OTUC2 signal and interconverting the OTUC2 signal with the optical signal of WDM wavelength in compliance with ITU-T standards. The line side adopts pluggable CFP2 DCO to realize ultra-long distance transmission based on advanced technologies such as coherent detection.

  • Suitable for transmission over metropolitan and long-haul networks up to 1000 km long

  • Suitable for high-capacity DCI network transmission for enterprises, campuses, cloud computing, etc.

  • Suitable for 200G links in existing OTN/DWDM infrastructures

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Function Structure

Function Structure

Product Specification

200G Muxponder (P512)

Slot number

1/2 slot

Line side

Supports 1 CFP2-DCO module hot-swap

OTN function

Frame format and overhead handling using ITU-T G709 recommendations

ODUk (k=2, 2e, 4, C2) layer: support for PM and other functions; OTUk (k=C2) layer: support for SM functions

Wavelength adjustable

Range covers 191.35 THz ~ 196.1THz

Support 50 GHz, 75 GHz, 100 GHz adjustable

Time delay measurement


Client side

Support 20 SFP+ modules hot-pluggable

Support services




Performance monitoring and alarm monitoring

Support OTN performance monitoring and alarm monitoring functions

Support optical module temperature, current, optical power monitoring, etc.

Support Ethernet RMON monitoring

Support Telemetry

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