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OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System

OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System

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OTNS8600-OLS is the open line system designed by Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. for the open transport network architecture. The purpose is to treat the WDM line system at the optical level as a whole to achieve decoupling from the electrical level. It is a highly integrated box product with function of Mux / Demux, OA (FGA, VGA), OTDR, OCM, OLP and OSC. It can meet end-to-end management and fast service delivery, combined with service protection, optical cable monitoring, channel performance monitoring and other monitoring functions, to achieve transparent transport of services and convenient operation and maintenance. It aims to build an ultra-wide, flexible, efficient, intelligent and open DCI network for customers.

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Features of OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System

  • Standard 19-inch 1U box type, highly integrated Mux/ Demux, OA (FGA, VGA), OTDR, OCM, OLP, OSC functions.

  • Suitable for C-band 48-wave (100GHz) DWDM system.

  • Support NRZ (1-32G), PAM4 (40G/100G), Coherent (QPSK/8QAM/16QAM) multiple types of optical signal access.

  • No manual configuration is required. After the line is connected, the automatic commissioning function is turned on, and the automatic deployment is carried out according to the link control algorithm of the WDM line system.

  • Support optical cable monitoring, channel performance monitoring (working wavelength, optical power, OSNR).

  • Support 1+1 protection of optical lines and optical multiplexing section.

  • Support CLI, Web GUI, SNMP and NETCONF management methods.

  • Supports visual operation and maintenance, and the operation and maintenance information is displayed on the LCD screen.

  • Support dual power supply configuration, 1+1 hot backup with load share method, support AC, DC, and HVDC power supply.

Application scenario of OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System


Specification of OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System




Equipment size

1U: 44 mm (height)×442 mm (width)×510 mm (depth)


19” server cabinet

Center frequency


Channel spacing


Channel number

48 channels, support C-band even wave (C_EVEN), odd wave (C_ODD)

Support modulation code

(DWDM optical signal)

  • NRZ (1~32G)

  • PAM4 (40G/100G)

  • Coherent (QPSK/8QAM/16QAM)

Front panel port

  • Two pairs of line ports: 4*LC/UPC

  • 48 pairs of DWDM ports (Mux/Demux): 96* LC/UPC

Management port

  • Two 10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 network ports

  • Two 1000 Base-X SFP optical port

  • One micro-USB serial port

Protection function

Support OLP and OMSP

Indicator light

  • Alarm, power state indicator

  • DWDM port TX, RX indicator

  • Line port TX, RX indicator

Performance monitoring

  • Optical fiber monitoring

  • Channel performance monitoring

Optical link control

  • Optical fiber automatic ranging

  • Automatically adjust optical power

  • Automatic dispersion compensation

Power supply

Dual power supply 1+1 backup, hot-swappable

Types of power supply

  • AC: 100 V AC to 130 V AC (50/60 Hz)

    200 V AC to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz)

    Max voltage range: 90 V AC to 264 V AC(47 Hz to 63 Hz)

  • HVDC: 192 V HVDC to 288 V HVDC

  • DC: –40 V DC to –72 V DC

Management method

Support CLI, Web GUI, SNMP and NETCONF

O&M features

Automatic commissioning, support LCD display for O&M

Heat dissipation

4 sets of hot-swappable fan units

Power consumption

<150W (typical)

Working temperature range

-5℃~55℃ (typical)

Working humidity range

5~85% non-condensing

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