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OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System

OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System

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OTNS8600-OLS is an optical line system designed by Guangzhou Sintai for open transport network architecture, aiming at treating the WDM line system at optical level as a whole and realizing decoupling from the electric layer, and it is a highly-integrated box product integrating the functions of VMux, Demux, OA, OTDR, OCM, OLP, OSC, and TDC into a whole; It can satisfy end-to-end management and rapid service sending, and combine with service protection, optical cable monitoring, channel performance monitoring and other functions to realize transparent service transmission and convenient operation and maintenance; it aims to build an ultra-wide and non-obstructive, flexible and efficient, intelligent and open DCI network for customers.

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Features of OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System

  • Standard 19" 1U box type, highly integrated with VMux, Demux, OA(BA/PA), OTDR, OCM, OLP, OSC, TDC functions.

  • Suitable for C-band 48-wave (100GHz) DWDM system.

  • Supports real-time high-precision monitoring of optical power for each group of DWDM channels and line-side optical power, and provides LED status indication on the device panel.

  • Supports NRZ (1-32G), PAM4 (40G/100G), Coherent (QPSK/8QAM/16QAM) and other types of optical signal access.

  • Supports pre-equalization of optical power for each channel at the transmitter.

  • Supports transmitter booster amplification and receiver pre-amplification.

  • Supports OSC in-band optical monitoring channel, fiber connection can manage the equipment at the other end.

  • Supports ±1400ps dispersion compensation dynamic adjustment (optional configuration).

  • Supports optical line 1+1 or optical multiplexing segment 1+1 protection, physical switching time<15ms (optional configuration).

  • Supports fiber distance measurement and fault monitoring and location (optional configuration).

  • Supports 100G PAM4 DWDM system auto-tuning and testing.

  • Supports Web GUI, B/S and other management modes, and provide open SNMP interface.

  • Supports front panel LCD screen visualization operation and maintenance.

  • Supports dual power supply configuration, adopts Load Share mode 1+1 hot backup, supports AC, DC, high-voltage DC power supply options.

Functional structure of OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System


Specification of OTNS8600-OLS Open Line System




Equipment size

1U: 44 mm (H) x 440 mm (W) x 600 mm (D)

Installation method

19" Cabinet (800mm depth or more)

Center frequency

191.40~196.10 THz (100GHz interval)

Number of optical channels

48 channels

Supported modulation code type

(DWDM optical signals)

  • NRZ(1~32G)

  • PAM4(40G/100G)

  • QPSK(100G/200G), 8QAM(200G/300G),16QAM (200G/400G)

Optical power monitoring function

Real-time monitoring of optical power for each group of DWDM channels, 

line-side optical power

Service protection function

  • Optical line 1+1 protection (OLP)

  • Optical multiplexing section 1+1 protection (OMSP)

  • Physical switching time<15ms

optional configuration

Fiber cable monitoring function

Real-time monitoring of distance, loss and fault location in transmission fibers

optional configuration

Dispersion compensation adjustment

Support ±1400ps dispersion compensation dynamic adjustment

optional configuration

Link power budget

  • 25G NRZ DWDM:28dB

  • 100G PAM4 DWDM:23dB

  • 100G QPSK DWDM:39dB

  • 200G QPSK DWDM:37dB

  • 200G 8QAM DWDM:34dB

  • 200G 16QAM DWDM:32dB

  • 400G 16QAM DWDM:30dB

Autotuning function

Support 100G PAM4 DWDM system auto-tuning test

Management ports

  • 2*10/100/1000M Adaptive RJ45 network ports

  • 1 micro-USB serial port

Front panel ports

  • 2 Groups of line ports: 4*LC/UPC (Unprotected configuration only 1 group)

  • 48 Groups of DWDM optical channel ports: 96* LC/UPC

Indicator light

  • Alarm and power status indicators

  • 2 groups of line port TX, RX indicators (Unprotected configuration only 1 group)

  • 48 groups DWDM optical channel port TX, RX indicators

Power supply

Dual power supply 1+1 hot backup, hot-swappable

Power supply method

  • AC: 100 V AC to 130 V AC (50/60 Hz),

200 V AC to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz)

Maximum voltage range: 90 V AC to 264 V AC (47 Hz to 63 Hz)

  • High Voltage DC: 192 V HVDC to 288 V HVDC

  • DC: -40 V DC to -72 V DC

Management style

  • Support OSC in-band management channel

  • Support Web GUI, SNMP, B/S and other management methods

  • Provide open SNMP interface

Operation and maintenance characteristics

Front panel LCD displays O&M information

Heat dissipation

2 hot-swappable fan units

Power consumption

<150W (Typical)

Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

5~85% non-condensing

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