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100G Transponder

100G Transponder

6 Channels 40G&100G Transponder
  • 6 channels 40g100g transponder 1
  • 6 channels 40g100g transponder 2
  • 6 channels 40g100g transponder 1
  • 6 channels 40g100g transponder 2

40G&100G OTU service card launched by Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. supports three 40G or 100G service access. 

Its main function is to perform 3R regeneration of three 40G or 100G service signals that are accessed and can be transformed into three WDM standard wavelength optical signals so that the multiplexer unit performs wavelength division multiplexing on optical signals of different wavelengths, and at the same time implements the inverse process of the above process. 

It's suitable for short-range transmission of wavelength division in metro areas at 40G or 100G rates.

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6 Channes 40G&100G Transponder Diagram


6 Channes 40G&100G Transponder Functional Structure


6 Channes 40G&100G Transponder Specification




100G wavelengths transform

40G wavelengths transform


  • Client-side interface: 3 QSFP28 hot-pluggable

  • WDM-side interface: 3 QSFP28 hot-pluggable

  • Client-side interface: 3, QSFP+ hot-pluggable

  • WDM-side interface: 3, QSFP+ hot-pluggable

Line mode

Supports three 100G service transparent transmissions, which can transform two 100G service optical signals into three WDM standard wavelength optical signals.

Supports three 40G services for transparent transmission, which can transform three 40G service optical signals into two WDM standard wavelength optical signals.

Support service type

  • 100GE

  • OTU4

  • 40GE

  • OTU3

Relay mode

  • Support 40G&100G wavelength electrical relay

  • Optical signal single, multi-mode transform

WDM technology

Support DWDM: C band 100GHz 40-wave

Occupied slot number

Support OTNS8600 series chassis, occupy 1 slot

Network management function

  • Support real time monitoring of the port working state, including transmitting optical power and receiving optical power, temperature, etc.

  • Support port loopback and port shutdown.

Max power consumption

30W (including transceiver)


>100000 hours

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