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Optical Protection

Optical Protection

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The main function of the optical protection card (OLP) launched by Sintai Communication is to assist the WDM system to complete optical layer protection solutions such as optical line 1+1 protection, optical wavelength 1+1 protection. etc.. It can monitor the optical signal status of the main and standby routes in real time. Once the optical signal is interrupted or the performance is degraded, it can automatically make a safe switch on the main and standby routes to ensure the rapid recovery of the optical signal of the system. OLP technology is to complete the route switching operation in the optical layer. Optical layer protection has incomparable advantages over upper layer service protection, and is the best solution to provide users with non-blocking communication.

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OLP optical protection card View


OLP optical protection card Function Structure


OLP optical protection card Case

  • Suitable for optical line 1+1 protection (OLP)

  • Suitable for optical multiplexing section 1+1 protection (OMSP)

  • Suitable for optical channel 1+1 Protection (OCHP)

OLP optical protection card Specification

Optical Protection Card (OLP)


Support optical signal 1+1 protection, double transmitting and selective receiving, single terminal switching

Slot number

1 slot


Support 1 or 2 groups of optical protection modules (optional according to the application scenario)

Working wavelength range

1528nm ~ 1568nm

Insertion loss

TX≤4 dB, RX≤1.5 dB

Switching time

<5 ms (switching time of pure optical switch)

Input optical power

-25dBm ~ +21 dBm

Optical power detection accuracy

±0.5 dBm (@>-25 dBm or above)

Polarization dependent loss


Isolation degree


Return loss


Switching time


Switching condition

Relative power difference and absolute power value

Switching method

Support locking, forced switching, manual switching and automatic switching


Power down / power on latch, hot pluggable, and main controller card(SCU) failure does not affect protection switching

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