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96CH Integrated MuxDemux

96CH Integrated MuxDemux

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The 96-channel passive MUX / DEMUX (MUX96) launched by Sintai Communication is mainly used in DWDM wavelength division system to complete the multiplexing or demultiplexing function of 96 optical wavelengths in the C-band range. It can multiplex different optical wavelengths to one optical fiber or separate multiple optical channels multiplexed in the same optical fiber by wavelength. Based on the waveguide grating technology on silicon substrate, it adopts a unique heat free packaging design, which can achieve accurate channel coupling, low insertion loss, high channel isolation and high stability. It is suitable for 96 wave high-capacity DWDM system.

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Function Structure


Application Case

  • Suitable for multiplexing and demultiplexing 96 channels of DWDM optical signals in C-band

Product Specification

96-Channel Passive MUX DEMUX(MUX96)


Support multiplexing and demultiplexing of 96 DWDM optical signals in C-band

Size (HxWxD)

2U: 88 mm (Height)×442 mm (Width)×220 mm (Depth)

Spectral type

Flat top type

ITU  passband frequency


Channel spacing

0.4nm (50GHz)

Channel number


Wavelength accuracy


Channel insertion loss

≤6.5 dB

Insertion loss uniformity


1dB bandwidth


3dB bandwidth


20dB bandwidth


Adjacent channels isolation


Non-adjacent channels isolation


Total crosstalk


Return loss

≥ 40dB

Polarization dependent loss


Polarization mode dispersion




Working temperature

-5 ~ +65°C

Storage temperature

-40 ~ +85°C

MON port splitting ratio

21dB (splitting ratio 1%)


Provide RJ-45 management interface to connect with the rear interface card of OTNS8600-DCI8 equipment, read the SN / model / PN and other information of the equipment through the network management system, and report the on / off status at the same time, with dumb resource management ability

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