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Remote Technical Maintenance Service

Use advanced remote testing technology to monitor the user's equipment and implement remote services such as troubleshooting and system optimization. The entire process is completed under the authorization and supervision of the customer, and the customer can see all the operations in real-time.

Software Upgrade Service

Provide product software upgrade service during the service period. Ordinary upgrade service users can automatically complete them through the network, or remotely through the network by authorized engineers of Sintai Communication with the user's permission. When it comes to major adjustments to upgrade services, Sintai Communication Customer Service Center assigns engineers to the user site to carry out.

On-site Installation Service

After the user purchases the product, the authorized engineer of Sintai Communication will confirm the installation time with the user, and bring the equipment and necessary tools to the site for installation at the agreed time. Services include on-site installation, commissioning, testing, and product use training.

On-site Technical Support Service

Provide necessary product on-site technical support services during the service period. After the user equipment is diagnosed by the technical personnel of the Sintai Communication Service Center and the user site, the problems that the Sintai Communication technicians need to be on the scene can be solved, the Sintai Communication Customer Service Center will arrange an authorized engineer in the first time according to the urgency of the matter Go to the scene to troubleshoot the customer.

Equipment Repair Service

During the product service period, the user's faulty equipment is diagnosed by the technical service personnel and can be solved on-site. If it needs to be returned to the factory for repair, the user will return the damaged equipment or damaged parts. Our company will promptly return the equipment or damaged parts. Repair or replace it and return it to the user in time. If the remaining service period of repaired or replaced equipment or parts is less than three months, three months will be added.

Technical Sdvisory Service

As a sincere partner of customers, Sintai hopes to establish a long-term strategic development relationship with customers to achieve the purpose of long-term cooperation and common development. We will provide higher-level, long-term and free technical consultation to help customers understand the latest technology. Develop, make correct decisions, fully combine the specific needs of customers, and put forward guiding suggestions for customer business development, so that customers can get the maximum benefit guarantee.