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Channel Monitoring (OCM)

Channel Monitoring (OCM)

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The optical channel monitoring card (OCM) launched by Sintai Communication is mainly used to analyze the performance of the MUX signal spectrum, channel optical power, wavelength and other transmission signals in the wavelength range of 1528nm-1567nm of DWDM system. It has the characteristics of high stability, high sensitivity, accuracy, high dynamic range and short scanning time. It is an indispensable and important part of optical performance monitoring in DWDM system.

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Function Structure


Application Case

  • Suitable for end-to-end monitoring of optical performance

Product Specification

Optical Channel Monitoring Card (OCM)


Supports the testing of central wavelength, optical power and other parameters of each channel in the MUX optical signal

Slot number

1 slot


Provide 8 test interfaces (selected by optical switch), which can be connected to 8-core MUX optical signal test

Working wavelength range

1528.57 nm ~1567.34 nm (191.27THz~196.15THz)

Channel spacing

50/100 GHz, support Flexible Grid

Center wavelength detection accuracy

±0.1 nm

Central wavelength resolution

0.02 nm

Channel power monitoring range

-40 ~ -10 dBm

Absolute power accuracy

≤1 dB

Relative power accuracy

±0.8 dB

Optical power resolution

0.1 dB

Return loss


Scanning time

≤1 s

Scanning times


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