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12X100G→1.2T System

12X100G→1.2T System

100G Integrated DWDM System
  • 100g intergrated dwdm system 1
  • 100g intergrated dwdm system 2
  • 12x100g1
  • 12x100g1
  • 12x100g1
  • 12x100g1
  • 100g intergrated dwdm system 1
  • 100g intergrated dwdm system 2
  • 12x100g1
  • 12x100g1
  • 12x100g1
  • 12x100g1

OTNS8600P integrated WDM equipment developed by Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. for data center interconnection (DCI) scenario has the outstanding characteristics of large capacity, small size, low energy consumption, and high performance. 

The device only has 1RU, and the maximum transmission capacity is 1.2Tbps (12*100g). The transmission capacity of 1 fiber can be smoothly expanded to 2.4Tbps of 1 fiber through device stacking. The equipment adopts high-density optoelectronic integration technology to avoid complex patch cords connection. 

It is easy to form an end-to-end complete WDM transmission scheme, which brings super large transmission capacity, perfectly matches the installation conditions of the data center room, and simple management mode, which brings the ultimate user experience to DCI bearer network in the metropolitan area.

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100G Intergrated DWDM System Feature

  • The equipment adopts a box-type simple form design, with a height of only 1U, and can be stacked, which can effectively save room space and realize flexible migration.

  • The maximum transmission capacity of 1RU is 1.2Tbps (12*100G), and the transmission capacity can be effectively extended to 2.4Tbps of 1 fiber through device stacking.

  • The equipment supports mixed transmission of multiple services, including 40GE, 100GE, and other service types. The service interface and quantity can be flexibly customized by customers.

  • The equipment has no complex photoelectric cross with the transparent transmission of services, and complete physical isolation of service ports, which improves the network security.

  • The equipment networking is simple, which does not change the original network topology, without complex optical layer design, only need to choose the equipment model according to the attenuation or kilometer.

  • The equipment supports 1+1 line protection at the optical cable side and automatically selects transmission routes to improve network reliability.

  • The equipment supports the in-band monitoring channel, and the whole network SNMP management can be realized by an optical path connection.

  • One box delivery based on the site, free configuration, plug, and play; no fiber jump, no manual intervention.

  • Forward air and rear air outlet design, AC/DC power supply, reasonable height, width, and depth design, suitable for the server rack requirements of data center room, and can be deployed together with the server.

  • Dual server power configuration, hot-pluggable, load share 1 + 1 hot backup.

100G Intergrated DWDM System Specification




Equipment size

1U: 44 mm (Height)×442 mm (Width)×600 mm (Depth)

Max transmission capacity of a single device

1RU 1.2Tbps (12*100G)

Max transmission capacity of single fiber

2*1RU device stack expansion to2.4Tbps

Max transmission rate of single port


Service port type

40G/100G QSFP optical port

To be customized

Max number of ports per device

12 QSFP port

To be customized

Service types supported


To be customized

Network-level protection

Support line side 1 + 1 protection

Equipment level protection

  • Power supply 1 + 1 hot backup

  • Four groups of fans hot backup

Installation mode

19" server cabinet

Power supply mode

  • AC: 90 ~ 260V, DC: -36 ~ -72 V, high voltage DC

  • 2 hot swappable server power modules

Management mode

  • Visual Web interface

  • OTNS8600 network management system

Heat dissipation

Front air inlet, rear air outlet, 4 groups of hot-pluggable fan units

Power consumption

<400W (full configuration)

Working temperature range

-10℃~60℃ (typical)

Working humidity range

5~95% without condensation

Storage temperature range



>100000 hours

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