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DCI Integrated System

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The OTNS8600P integrated WDM equipment developed by Sintai for data center interconnection (DCI) scenarios features outstanding characteristics such as large capacity, small size, low energy consumption, and high-cost performance. The device adopts high-density optoelectronic integration technology, avoiding complex patch cords connection, and can easily form an end-to-end complete WDM transmission solution with a switch-like connection.

Advantages of DCI Integrated System

  • 01
    High integration

    The max. transmission capacity of a single device is 1.2T, and the stacking of two units can reach 2.4T

  • 02
    Power features

    Built-in integrated OTU, MDU, EDFA, DCM, OLP, OSC, etc.

  • 03
    Pure adaption

    Support 100M-100GE full-rate Ethernet services, FC1G-32G full-rate storage services

Data Center Interconnect Highly Intergrated Technologies

With the acceleration of network clouding, service traffic is rapidly concentrating on data centers, and the scale of global data centers is expanding dramatically. Data centers are now gradually expanding to the edge of the network, covering a wider area. For these data centers to operate together, they need to interact with each other for information, which gives rise to the interconnection demand, giving rise to DCI network, i.e., Data Center Inter-connect.

At present, metro DCI and long-haul DCI are the two most important DCI application scenarios, in which the metro DCI market is developing particularly rapidly.

DCI network requires a single pair of fiber optic service carrying capacity as large as possible. However, fiber optic cable resources are very valuable, and it is necessary to make full use of the limited fiber to provide the largest possible bandwidth to carry the maximum capacity of DCI data.

For most DCI users, their equipment is usually deployed in third-party server rooms with cabinets leased on a per-Unit basis. Effective utilization of cabinet space is a major concern for all customers. Miniaturization and high-density design are effective means to improve the utilization of cabinets. In a leased server room, the power consumption provided by each cabinet is very limited. For DCI equipment, the lower the power consumption, the higher the utilization rate of a single cabinet, the higher the operating efficiency.

Traditional optical transmission products are complex to connect the fiber, the probability of manual error is high, according to statistics, even up to 5%, with the expansion of the data center scale, fiber optic connection is more and more complex, fault troubleshooting is more and more difficult. Internet companies are IT architecture, technical engineers have no experience in maintaining optical transmission products. Therefore, DCI equipment needs to be less fiber-connected, configuration-free, plug-and-play, and meet the hardware and software maintenance habits of IT equipment.

The integrated WDM transmission equipment (OTNS8600P) of Sintai Communication, which is specially designed for data center interconnection, has modularized components, so that customers can flexibly select the required module groups according to the needs of different scenarios, reducing the investment cost, bringing large transmission capacity, perfectly matching with the installation conditions of the data center server room, as well as minimal management mode, and bringing the ultimate user experience to the DCI bearer network.

Data Center Interconnect Design

Internet giants, ICPs and enterprises use DCI (Data Center Interconnect) solutions to provide high-quality, near-unlimited bandwidth connectivity to their data centers, while controlling costs by building their own infrastructure. However, with the massive growth in the scale of data center construction, the demand for data center interconnect multiplies, and one of the challenges of data center interconnect is how to make the best use of the limited fiber resources and obtain reliable high-capacity transmission.

In addition, because the service issuance and maintenance mode of optical analog signals are different from that of ordinary digital networks, IT personnel in charge of data center network usually do not have the foundation of optical transmission technology, and with the surge of equipment brought about by the increasing volume of data, fast opening of services and fast and accurate troubleshooting have become the new challenges of data center interconnection.

Therefore, when building DCI solutions, it is necessary to consider not only the demand for connection bandwidth, but also the demand for simplified and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Data Center Interconnect Design.jpg

The DCI optical transmission equipment (OTNS8600P) built by Sintai specifically for data center interconnections has the outstanding features of large capacity, small size, low energy consumption, and simple operation and maintenance, bringing large transmission capacity, perfectly matching the installation conditions of data center server rooms, and a minimalist management mode, which brings the ultimate user experience to the DCI bearer network.

Data Center Interconnect Program Features

Highly integrated: Electrical and optical layers are highly integrated in 1RU.    

Large capacity: 1.2T/1RU transmission capacity

Multi-service: 10GE~100GE, FC16/32G full adaptation

Protection: 1+1 line protection, automatic route selection

Low Power Consumption: 20W/per 100G

Zero basis: "0" fiber connection, "0" configuration, "0" testing

Considerations for DCI Network

DCI networks have several tips to maintain reliability and efficiency. The following are some of these essential keys:

1)Scalable Connectivity, Flexible Network Infrastructure(Easy to expand)

2)Redundant Architecture (Reducing the impact of failures)

3)Reduced Floor Space (Cost savings)