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Fiber Monitoring (OTDR)

Fiber Monitoring (OTDR)

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The optical line monitoring card (OTDR) launched by Sintai Communication supports the monitoring of 8-core optical fiber links, which is used to transmit probe light, analyze the power of the detection signal reflected by the optical reflector, and carry out fault location and performance statistics of optical fiber lines. With the outstanding characteristics of high dynamic range and high-level resolution, it is an essential core device in optical transmission system.

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Function Structure


Application Case

  • Suitable for rapid diagnosis and centralized management of optical fiber faults

Product Specification

Optical Line Monitoring Card (OTDR)


Support the testing of parameters such as distance, attenuation and total loss of optical fiber links

Slot number

1 slot


Provide 8 test interfaces (selected by optical switch), which can be connected to 8-core optical fiber link for test

Working wavelength

1625 nm

Dynamic range

≥30 dB

Pulse width range

0.02 ~ 20 us

Max detection distance

≥80 km

Loss test accuracy

±0.5 dB

Distance test accuracy

<20 m

Event blind zone

<10 m

Attenuation blind zone

<20 m

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