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County And Township Interconnection Solution

County And Township Interconnection Solution

As the fourth largest domestic network operator, China Radio and Television Network needs to continue to extend and improve its bearer network in the next step to achieve greater success, and provide services such as broadband data, dedicated lines for corporate customers, VOD on-demand, and interactive TV to attract more customers. With many users, the radio and television network has a huge user base in districts, counties, and towns. With the increase in the number of service users mentioned above, it is necessary to build a multi-service bearer network from districts to towns.

Main demands of Guangdian County-Township Transmission Network

  • Optical cable resources are limited. Existing optical cable resources are fully tapped and services are released quickly

  • Transmission equipment must adapt to the current situation of county-township optical cable aging

  • Business development is rapid: broadband, dedicated line, mobile, the existing county, and township transmission network is difficult to support the development of all services

  • The equipment room conditions are poor, the equipment needs to withstand poor working conditions, and compact equipment is needed for easy installation

  • Fiber breaks and power failures occur frequently, and the county-township transmission network needs high reliability

  • Insufficient maintenance force in towns and villages, equipment needs to be simple and easy to use, easy to operate, easy to operate and maintain

County And Township Interconnection Solution

County And Township Interconnection Solution

  • OTNS8600 establishes county and township wavelength division ring network, a set of equipment that comprehensively solves the access of township broadband, dedicated line, IPTV, and other services

  • Save fiber optic cable resources, efficiently use bandwidth, ring networking, greatly reduce the consumption of fiber optic cable resources by the traditional optical fiber direct-drive mode, make full use of network bandwidth, and ring network protection technology improves network stability

  • County-township wave is divided into 10G*40 waves dense wavelength division system to solve the problem of large fiber attenuation

  • Completely free of configuration and installation, equipment plug and play, unified network management platform, provide complete network fault location and troubleshooting, and reduce operation and maintenance costs

County And Township Interconnection Solution Customer benefit

  • Meet the large bandwidth needs of counties and townships in the future, and easily achieve broadband speed increase

  • Relieve the pressure on fiber resources

  • The dense wave system has the ability of optical amplification to overcome the problem of large light attenuation

  • 40-wave dense wave system minimizes cost per Gbit bandwidth

  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs

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