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Achieving high bandwidth for end-to-end fiber transport networks.

With the rapid development of optical communication industry, the demand in long distance and large capacity bandwidth increased rapidly, resulting in the rapid growth in the traffic of the access layer, metro area layer and backbone network.

Based on the existing service requirements and in face of the future network development, SINTAI first developed the optical transmission network system, which creatively extends fiber transport ability based on the WDM technology and provides a reliable, flexible, and efficient high bandwidth carrying solution for the operators, broadcast and TV, IDC, finance, government, cloud, massive data, and other industries.

Types of Optical Communication Products

Why Choose SINTAI

  • Complete service system
    Complete service system

    We are dedicated to providing every customer the perfect pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service. Customers'concerns will be always taken good care of by our professional service teams.

  • Professional R&D team
    Professional R&D team

    Sintai adheres to the guidance of a forward-looking technology development strategy and has built an innovative team to provide customers with very competitive products and solutions based on our core technologies.

  • Customized OEM
    Customized OEM

    We have an independent product line to manufacture products based on customer's needs. In this way, we help our customers to develop the local market to realize the win-win goal.

Advantages of Optical Fibre Communication System

1.Unlimited Bandwidth

Optical fiber really has almost no limits in how fast and how much information can be sent through it. There is a study from Lucent Technologies saying that, what theoretically single mode fiber is capable to transmit on even 200 Tbps speed! Over fiber optical cable you are able to transmit several wavelengths at the same time, thus doubling, or multiplying speed many times. For example first these examples in market was classic WDM single fiber media converters, which used 2 wavelengths – 1310 and 1550 nm over same 1 fiber, and later CWDM – Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing, and DWDM – Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing were introduced.

2. Long Transmission Distance

If you are limited with 100 m or so of UTP Cat 5 cable for your Ethernet, then even wiring a building is a problem not talking about last mile access. It is not that expensive any more to send gigabit ethernet over 120 km and more and even using 1 fiber only. That is not possible using copper media and hard to be done by means of wireless. And less attenuation transmission at a longer distance is possible in optic fibers.

3. Security

Fiber cables are more secure than other cables. It is almost impossible to tap into a fiber cable as they do not radiate a signal. No ground loops exist between optical fibers hence they are more secure.

4. Small Size

The diameter of the fiber is much smaller compared to other cables, therefore fiber cable is small in size, requires less storage space.

5. Light Weight

As fiber cables are made of silica glass or plastic which is much lighter than copper or aluminum cables. Lightweight fiber cables are cheaper to transport.

With many advantages in one, optical fibre communication technnology has attracted more and more attention. Sintai also develops its own optical transmission equipment and optical communication devices.


Fiber Optic Solutions for the Communications Industry

By providing advanced and reliable technology around the world, Sintai Communication has grown into a first-class partner and trusted name for the next-generation networks and data centers. We're your source for a wide range of high-quality data transport solutions and optical transmission devices designed to meet increasing bandwidth requirements. We partner with customers around the world to develop the value you need and inject our optical transmitters in fiber optic communication with the utmost integrity through our outstanding customer service.

Continuous improvement is what powers our product line. No matter how much we improved, we will always head for better.

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