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Optical Protection System

Types of Optical Protection System

Advantages of Optical Protection System

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    Real-Time Power Monitoring

    Optical Protection system can provide real-time monitoring of the primary and secondary optical fibers, which can effectively avoid the simultaneous block of the two optical fibers. This real-time power monitoring improves the transparency and security of optical transport networks.

  • 02
    Automatic Switching

    When the current optical power is lower than the normal value on the main fiber, the system will automatically switch to the second available fiber, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the service. It can shorten the interruption time and improve the efficiency of maintenance.

Optical Protection System Glossary

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    OLP System

    OLP(Optical Line Protection) is a device used in pairs, one at each end of the optical signal to protect the network transmission line. 

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    OBP System

    Optical Bypass Protection(OBP) is a kind of intelligent optical switch system which can bypass fault nodes in optical transmission networks to avoid breakdown of whole network communication. it can automatically switch by detecting the node's optical power or signal failure.