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Tunable Dispersion Compensation Card

Tunable Dispersion Compensation Card

  • Tunable Dispersion Compensation Card

The TDC (tunable dispersion compensator) card launched by Sintai Communications is mainly used for dispersion compensation of high-speed transmission system, can accurately manage the residual dispersion after segmented fixed optical compensation, and provide flexible and accurate solution for dispersion compensation. It’s independent, transparent, safe and reliable for optical transmission signals, so as to ensure normal communication of the system. It is suitable for high-speed, long-distance WDM transmission system.

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Tunable Dispersion Compensation Card Diagram


Tunable Dispersion Compensation Card Features

  • Adjustable: provides highly accurate, dynamically adjustable dispersion compensation over a wide range of dispersion values.

  • Low Latency: TDC's latency is less than 25ns, making it ideal for time-sensitive networks.

  • Multi-channel: TDC has full C-band coverage and can be used on 50GHz or 100GHz DWDM networks.

  • Large dispersion compensation range, supporting ±1400ps/nm.

  • Optical path is transparent and does not change the optical signal.

  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.

Tunable Dispersion Compensation Card Specification



Working wavelength range

C band: 1528nm~1568nm

Channel spacing

50GHz or 100GHz optional

Dispersion compensation range


Absolute dispersion accuracy

±25ps/nm(≤700ps/nm); ±60ps/nm(≤1200ps/nm)

Introduction loss






Max input optical power


Module warm-up time


Dispersion setting resolution


Dispersion response time


Button and display function

Support local key operation dispersion compensation range setting, with the display can intuitively display the current status

Network management function

Support TDC dispersion compensation range remote setting and other functions

Occupied slot number

Support OTNS8600 series chassis,occupy 1slot

Optical interface


Max power consumption



>100000 hours

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