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Pluggable 40CH AWG Card

Pluggable 40CH AWG Card

  • Pluggable 40CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 40CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 40CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 40CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 40CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 40CH AWG Card

The 40-channel AWG card is the ideal device for increasing the fiber capacity between two sites without the need for installing or leasing additional fibers.

The single fiber unidirectional passive pluggable 40-channel AWG card of Sintai Communication Co., Ltd has two function modules. Multiplexer board: it supports the multiplexing of 40-channel optical signals of WDM standard wavelength into a one-core optical fiber for unidirectional transmission. 

De-multiplexer board: it divides the mixed optical signals transmitted by multiplexing board at the opposite end into the original multi-channel optical signals of WDM standard wavelength. By configuring 2 pairs of unidirectional wavelength division boards, it can expand the bidirectional transmission channel number to as many as 40 on two-core optical fibers.

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Pluggable 40CH AWG Card Feature

  • High isolation, low insertion loss, high reliability, and stability, meet GR-1221 standard

  • Support 40 DWDM Channels

  • The opening is convenient, without power supply, without setting up the working environment

  • No energy consumption, meet environmental requirements, no need to increase the machine room load

  • No need to debug, no network management necessary, zero maintenance

  • Support transparent transmission which is not related to the speed, format, content, and applicability of the service

  • OPC1600 passive chassis is used to load the card

  • Module structure, reusable, long service life

Pluggable 40CH AWG Card Diagram


40 channels single fiber unidirectional passive multiplexer card

Pluggable 40CH AWG Card Specification

Number of channels


Occupied slot number


Wavelength range

DWDM: C Band, 100 GHz

Insertion loss

< 5.5 dB

Isolation ratio of adjacent channels

> 25 dB

Isolation ratio of non-adjacent channels

> 30 dB

Return loss

> 40 dB


> 45 dB

Interface type

All interfaces are LC type

Work temperature


Storage temperature


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