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20km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

20km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

  • 20km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

Dispersion Compensation Module (DCM) is designed to fix the form of optical signals that are deformed by chromatic dispersion. The main constituent of DCM is DCF (Dispersion Compensation Fiber) with a negative chromatic dispersion value within the wavelength range between 1525nm and 1565nm. 

The module offers a high level of compensation while maintaining a low flat insertion loss as well as a low latency. When combined with EDFA and OEO, DCM provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective long-haul transport solution, making signals go further without regeneration.

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20km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Feature

  • 100% slope compensation of G.652 fiber in C-band (Typical) 

  • Low insertion loss 

  • Low polarization mode dispersion 

  • Wideband dispersion compensation 

  • Compensation up to 20 km 

  • Completely passive—no powering utilized

  • Telcordia GR-2854-CORE, ROHS compliant

20km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Specification

Product Model


Equivalent G.652 compensation length


1545nm wavelength dispersion (ps/nm)


1545nm wavelength relative dispersion slope


Insertion loss

≤3.6 dB

Polarization mode dispersion

≤0.6 ps

Nominal single-wave input optical power

≤0 dBm

Optical interface

All interfaces are LC type

Typical power consumption

0W (passive components)


> 200000 hours

Occupied slot number

2 slots (dispersion compensation board over 40km need to be configured individually with the DCF passive frame)

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