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The 9-degree ROADM card launched by Sintai Communication supports the integration of key functions WSS, BA, PA and OSC into one card, has built-in dual 1x9 WSS components and has 9 ports for wavelength multiplexing and demultiplexing. It supports a DWDM Network with 96 channels (50GHz wavelength interval) in the frequency range of 191.35THz ~ 196.10THz in the C-band. It also supports the flexible grid function, realizes the flexible adjustment of channel bandwidth, and improves the spectrum utilization of the whole network.

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Function Structure


Application Case

  • Suitable for dynamic add/drop and pass-through of optical wavelength in OADM station

  • Suitable for dynamic pass-through and scheduling of multi-dimensional optical wavelengths in ROADM station

Product Specification

9-dimensional ROADM: WSS


It supports 9-port wavelength selective MUX and DEMUX to realize the dynamic penetration and scheduling of wavelength. It also supports the power amplification and pre amplification of the line side MUX signal

Slot number

2 slots


Built-in Twin 1x9 WSS, BA, PA, OSC, VOA, passive filter, etc


Support automatic power reduction (APR) technology

Monitoring port

Reserve OCM and OTDR monitoring ports in the transmitting and receiving directions on the line side, which can be externally connected to OCM card and OTDR card

Channel range

191.35 THz~196.1 THz, support Flexible Grid spectral width N*3.125 GHz adjustment

Max number of channels

96 channels (50GHz interval)

Power regulation

It supports the power adjustment of each channel, the attenuation range of each wavelength is 0 ~ 15dB, and the attenuation setting step is 0.1 dB

Port isolation


Extinction ratio


Polarization dependent loss


Attenuation accuracy per wavelength


Reconstruction time


Variable gain

BA supports 15 ~ 25dB gain range adjustable

PA supports 15 ~ 25dB or 25 ~ 35dB, and the gain range is adjustable (optional according to the application scenario)

Output optical power

Maximum total output optical power≥21 dBm

Line side VOA position

PA input port (BA without VOA)

VOA inherent insertion loss


VOA adjustment range

0 ~ 15dB

OSC working wavelength


OSC working rate


OTDR channel wavelength


OTDR channel loss


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