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100km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

100km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

  • 100km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

The DCM dispersion compensator launched by Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. is a purely passive device. It can compensate for the dispersion slope of standard single-mode optical fiber (G.652) in the C-band. 

And it is used to repair the optical signal distorted by dispersion and compensate the damaged signal in the optical transmission system, so as to improve the performance of the transmission system and achieve high-speed, large-capacity, long-distance communication. The dispersion range of the DCM can reach - 10 to - 2100ps/nm at 1550nm wavelength. And products with special requirements for central wavelength and dispersion can be also provided.

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100km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Feature

  • 100% slope compensation of G.652 optical fiber in C-band 

  • Low insertion loss

  • Low polarization mode dispersion

  • Wideband Dispersion Compensation for DWDM System

  • Packaging and interface types can be customized 

  • Comply with Telcordia GR-2854-CORE standard

  • Conform to RoHS-6 (lead-free)

100km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Application Scenario

  • SDH high-speed optical transmission system

  • DWDM optical transmission system

  • G.652 Standard single-mode optical fiber long-distance and metropolitan area communication system

100km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Specification



Equivalent G.652 compensation length







1545nm wavelength dispersion (ps/nm)







1545nm relative dispersion slope (nm-1)


Insertion loss (dB)







Polarization mode dispersion (ps)







Polarization dependent loss (ps)







Optical reflection (dB)


Maximum permissible input power (dBm)


Working temperature range


Storage temperature range


Environmental/Reliability Testing

Conform to Telcordia GR-2854 and GR1221standard

Interface type

LC/PC or to be customized


Pluggable chassis: 1U, (D)220mm×(W)442mm×(H)44mm

Rackmount: 1U, (D)220mm×(W)442mm×(H)44mm

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