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400G OTN Muxponder

400G OTN Muxponder

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The 400G Muxponder service card launched by Sintai Communication supports 4x100G ↔ The 400G electric layer multiplexes/demultiplexes and converts it into a 400G rate WDM standard wavelength optical signal, so as to facilitate the wavelength division multiplexing of optical signals of different wavelengths by the wavelength combining unit, and realize the inverse process of the above process at the same time. The line side adopts pluggable CFP2 DCO, realizes ultra-long-distance transmission based on advanced technologies such as coherent detection, and supports configurable 400G and 200G rates.

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400G OTN Muxponder Product Diagram

400G OTN Muxponder

400G OTN Muxponder Functional Structure

400G OTN Muxponder

400G OTN Muxponder Product Specification

  • Client side interface: 4 ports, hot-pluggable based on QSFP28

  • Line side interface: 1 port, hot-pluggable based on CFP2 DCO

Line side multiplexing structure
  • 200G: OCh <-> OTUC2 <-> ODUC2 <-> ODU4

  • 400G: OCh <-> OTUC4 <-> ODUC4 <-> ODU4

Client side signal mapping mode100GE <-> ODU4
Support service type
  • 100GE

  • OTU4

WDM technology
  • Support C Band 400G DP-16QAM@75GHz 64CH tunable (191.3625 THz ~196.0875THz)

  • Support C Band 200G DP-16QAM@50GHz 96CH tunable (191.30 THz ~196.10THz)

FEC technology
  • 200G: SD-FEC

  • 400G: SD-FEC

Occupied slot numberSupport OTNS8600 series chassis, occupy 2 slots
Network management
  • Support performance monitoring and alarm monitoring

  • Support port loopback, port shutdown and ALS functions

Power consumption60W maximum (including the optical transceiver)

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