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400G Muxponder

400G Muxponder

400G OTN Muxponder
  • 1 400g muxponder
  • 2 400g muxponder
  • 1 400g muxponder
  • 2 400g muxponder

The 400G Muxponder service access board from Sintai Communication supports 4x100G↔400G electrical layer multiplexing/demultiplexing and converts to 1 x 400G rate WDM standard wavelength optical signal to facilitate WDM of different wavelengths in the combining unit, and to realize the inverse process of the above process. The line side adopts pluggable CFP2-DCO, based on coherent detection and other advanced technologies to achieve ultra-long distance transmission, and support 400G, 200G rates.

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400G OTN Muxponder Product Diagram


400G OTN Muxponder Functional Structure


400G OTN Muxponder Product Specification



Product model


Line side

  • 1 CFP2 optical port: using 400G CFP2-DCO module, pluggable

  • Support wavelength adjustable, range covering 191.35~196.1 THz

  • Support adjustable light-emitting power

  • Support 100G/200G/400G programmable

  • Support single-fibre bidirectional transmission (optional)

Client side

4 QSFP28 optical ports pluggable

Supported service types

100GE, 100GE_RS-FEC, OTU4

Latency measurement

Support line-side online delay measurement based on ODU layer


Support line-side and customer-side loopbacks


100GE, 100GE_RS-FEC service support


Support automatic switching off and on of the laser according to the optical signal input

Alarm delayed insertion

Support Local Fault alarm delayed insertion and delay time setting

Performance monitoring

  • Support optical signal-to-noise ratio, pre-correction BER, non-correctable BER block, dispersion compensation, differential group delay and other performance monitoring

  • Support optical module temperature, current, voltage, optical power and other performance monitoring

  • Support OTU layer and Ethernet layer performance monitoring

Number of slots occupied

Supports all OTNS8600 series chassis, occupies 2 slots

Maximum power consumption

60W (with optical module)

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