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100G CFP2 Transponder

100G CFP2 Transponder

100G Coherent DWDM Transponder
  • 100g cfp2 1
  • 100g cfp2 2
  • 100g cfp2 1
  • 100g cfp2 2

The 1x100G Transponder service access board from Sintai Communication supports 1x100G↔100G electrical layer multiplexing/demultiplexing and converts to 1x100G rate WDM standard wavelength optical signal, adopts advanced technologies such as PDM-QPSK modulation and 100G CFP2 coherent reception, and overcomes the OSNR requirements, CD tolerance, and PMD tolerance of high-speed transmission systems. And the nonlinear physical effects of transmission, such as 100G service 1200 km or more of non-electrical relay transmission, and the line-side interface supports C-band 96-wave (50 GHz) adjustable.

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Product Diagram of 100G CFP2 Transponder


Functional Structure of 100G CFP2 Transponder


100G CFP2 Transponder Specification



Product model



Client-side interface: 1, based on QSFP28 pluggable

Line-side interface: 1, based on CFP2-DCO pluggable, coherent PDM-QPSK

Line mode

Support 1*100G service optical signal multiplexed into 1*100G rate DWDM standard wavelength optical signal

Relay mode

Support 100G wavelength electric relay

Support service type

100GE, 100GE_FEC, OTU4

WDM technology  

Support DWDM: C-band 50GHz 96-wave tunable

FEC technology

SDFEC support

Number of occupied slots

Support OTNS8600 full series chassis, occupy 2 slots

Network management function

Support real-time monitoring of port working status, including: transmitting optical power, receiving optical power, temperature, etc.

Support port loopback function

Maximum power consumption

30W (including optical module)


>100,000 hours

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