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1U EDFA Equipment

1U EDFA Equipment

  • 1U EDFA Equipment

The main function of the EDFA optical amplification subsystem launched by Guangzhou Sintai Co., Ltd is to compensate the signal's optical power in the transmission link, which can finally extend the optical signal transmission distance. 

It can be divided into BA, LA, and PA based on the application scene. BA is usually used at the transmitting end to boost the output optical power of the system. LA is usually used at the repeater section to compensate for the power loss of the line. PA is usually used at the receiving end of the system to improve the input optical power. 

The EDFA can amplify all the input optical signals by using the erbium-doped fiber as the gain medium and using the 980nm or 1480nm pump laser as the pump source with one-stage or two-stage amplification. It's one of the most indispensable and important parts of the DWDM system, high-speed transmission system, and all-optical network in the future.

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1U EDFA Equipment Feature

  • Support C-band 48-wave/96-wave DWDM signal unified amplification

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

  • Flat gain and small noise index

  • Supports built-in VOA

  • Support SNMP, Web and other graphical interface network management

  • Support AC 220V/110V and DC-48V power supply options, 1+1 power input protection

  • 1U plug-in design with flexible capacity configuration

  • Configuration-free installation, plug-and-play device

1U EDFA Equipment Specification




Operating wavelength range

Conventional: 1529nm~1561nm

Extended: 1528nm~1568nm

Type of EDFA




Minimum input optical power (conventional)




Saturated output optical power (conventional)




Custom up to +22dBm

Rated gain (conventional)





Gain flatness


Coefficient of noise

≤5.5 dB

Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

5% to 95% Non-condensing

Storage temperature


Device size

1U: 44 mm (H) x 442 mm (W) x 280 mm (D)

Network management

Support SNMP, Web and other graphical interface network management

Optional Configurations


Built-in VOA

Optional configurations

Optical interface

LC/UPC type

Power supply method

AC: 90 ~ 260V or DC: -36 ~ -72 V (1+1 power input backup)

Typical power consumption

Whole machine full <50W

Heat dissipation

Fan cooling

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