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DCI/OTN Platform

Advantages of DCI/OTN Platform

  • 01
    Optoelectronic integration

    Pluggable modular design of electric layer card(DCI/OTN Muxponder) and optical layer card(OA, WSS, VOA, OSC, OTDR, OCM, OLP) are highly integrated into the DCI/OTN Platform with unified GUI network management system.

  • 02
    Large bandwidth

    Transmission capacity ups to 25.6Tbit/s per pair @ C+ band 400G*64λ, 3.2Tbit/s per subrack for 2U Platform, 1.6Tbit/s per subrack for 1U Platform.

  • 03
    Flexible ROADM and multiple monitoring

    Supports 9-dimensional WSS-ROADM networking and FlexGrid, OCM for optical channel performance monitoring, OTDR for optical fiber performance monitoring, OSC for remote control and monitoring.

DCI (Data Center Interconnect):

DCI is a network solution that enables interconnection between multiple data centers.

OTN(Optical Transport Network):

OTN is a digital wrapper that encapsulates frames of data, to allow multiple data sources to be sent on the same channel. This creates an optical virtual private network for each client signal.

ROADM(Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer) / WSS(Wavelength Selective Switch)

ROADM allows individual or multiple wavelengths carrying data channels to be added and/or dropped from a transport fiber without the need to convert the signals on all of the WDM channels to electronic signals and back again to optical signals, which is achieved through the use of a wavelength selective switching module.