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40G&100G OEO Repeater

40G&100G OEO Repeater

  • 40G&100G OEO Repeater
  • 40G&100G OEO Repeater
  • 40G&100G OEO Repeater
  • 40G&100G OEO Repeater

The OEO optical amplification subsystem launched by Guangzhou Sintai Co., Ltd adopts the clock and data recovery (CDR) chip design with the highest performance and flexibility in the industry. 

It can perfectly realize the function of optical signal regeneration and amplification, signal cleaning, and shaping with features of highly compact structure, flexible configuration, and low power consumption. 

The system supports the amplification of optical signals at any rate between 100M~100G with all modes and is widely applied in the field of operators, private networks, and information systems.

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40G&100G OEO Repeater Features

  • 1U rackmount and pluggable chassis. 4 function board slots are supported and boards can be flexibly configured based on requirements.

  • 4x100G OEO board has 4 QSFP48 or QSFP+ ports, compatible with 100G and 40G network applications.

  • Support wavelength conversion and optical signal amplification.

  • The optical ports are at the front and power units are at the back, which can ensure safe use.

  • Dual power hot backup: support double -48V, double 220V, or one -48V and one 220V power supply.

  • Simple structure, low power consumption, long lifespan, and low cost.

  • Easy maintenance and network management are optional.

40G&100G OEO Repeater Technical parameters




1U: 44 mm (H)×442 mm (W)×280 mm (D)

Working wavelength range

Multi-mode 850nm, single-mode 1260nm~1650nm, CWDM/DWDM

Supported service types

STM-1/4/6/16/64/256, FE/GE/10GE/40GE/100GE

Service access capability

Support the OEO (optical-electrical-optical) amplification of at most 16 routes' services under any protocols at the rate of 40G or 100G

3R function

Support 3R function: re-amplifying), re-timing, re-shaping

ALS function

Support laser automatic turn-off alarm function. The laser will automatically turn off the emission when it receives no light

Network management

Support multi-kinds of graphical interface network management, such as SNMP, Web

Optical interface


Working temperature range


Working humidity range

5%~95% no condensation

Storage temperature


Power supply

AC: 90 ~ 260V or DC: -36 ~ -72 V (support 1+1 power input backup)

Typical power consumption

Full configuration<90W

Heat dissipation

Fan cooling


>100000 hours

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