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60km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

60km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

  • 60km Dispersion Compensation Fiber

DCF model is a negative dispersion optical fiber launched by Sintai Communication Co., Ltd., which is a new type of single-mode optical fiber designed for presently laid G.652 & G.655standard single-mode optical fiber; the dispersion of G.652 optical fiber in the vicinity of 1550nm wavelength is positive (17-20) ps/nm (km), and the dispersion of G.655 standard optical fiber in the vicinity of 1550nm wavelength is positive (4-6) ps/nm (km), with a positive dispersion slope. 

So we need to add dispersion compensation fiber with negative dispersion into the optical fiber then conduct the dispersion compensation and make sure that the total dispersion of the whole optical fiber links is near zero, so as to realize high speed, large capacity, and long-distance communication. 

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60km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Feature

  • Enables 2.5, 10, 40, and 100 G C-band DWDM applications 

  • Compensates 9/125 G.652 (NDSF) and G.655 (NZDSF) single-mode optical fiber at wide-ranging compensation lengths 

  • Enables per-channel dispersion compensation with integrated Circulator-Improves deployment flexibility with low end-to-end insertion loss 

  • Simplifies mounting with compact LGX or single Wave Ready slot-mounting options 

  • Reduces power requirements: passive optics require no power

60km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Application

  • Provides dispersion compensation for extended reach applications

  • Provides pre- and post-compensation 

  • Provides single- or multi-channel dispersion compensation

60km Dispersion Compensation Fiber Specification

Product Model


Equivalent G.652 compensation length


1545nm wavelength dispersion(ps/nm)


1545nm wavelength relative dispersion slope


Insertion loss

≤6.8 dB

Polarization mode dispersion

≤1 ps

Nominal single-wave input optical power

≤0 dBm

Optical interface

All interfaces are LC type

Typical power consumption

0W (passive components)


> 200000 hours

Occupied slot number

2 slots (dispersion compensation board over 40km need to be configured individually with the DCF passive frame)

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