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Pluggable 48CH AWG Card

Pluggable 48CH AWG Card

  • Pluggable 48CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 48CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 48CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 48CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 48CH AWG Card
  • Pluggable 48CH AWG Card

The 48-channel AWG card is a pluggable passive forty-eight-channel 100GHz DWDM multiplexer or de-multiplexer (MUX & DEMUX) in a single 1U solution. It may be used in pairs to expand capacity in bidirectional transmission network.

The single fiber unidirectional passive pluggable 48-channel AWG card of Sintai Communication Co., Ltd has two function modules. Multiplexer board: it supports the multiplexing of 48-channel optical signals of WDM standard wavelength into one-core optical fiber for unidirectional transmission. 

De-multiplexer board: it divides the mixed optical signals transmitted by multiplexing board at the opposite end into the original multi-channel optical signals of WDM standard wavelength. By configuring 2 pairs of unidirectional wavelength division boards, it can expand the bidirectional transmission channel number to as many as 48 on two-core optical fibers

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Pluggable 48CH AWG Card Feature

  • High isolation, low insertion loss, high reliability, and stability

  • Support 48 DWDM Channels

  • Easy installation without a power supply or setting up the working environment

  • No energy consumption and can meet environmental requirements

  • No need to debug, no network management necessary, zero maintenance

  • Support transparent transmission which is not related to the speed, format, content, and applicability of the service

  • OPC1600 passive chassis is used to load the card

  • Adopt modular architecture design with long service life

Pluggable 48CH AWG Card Diagram


48 channels single fiber unidirectional passive multiplexer AWG card

Pluggable 48CH AWG Card Functional Structure

Structure-1.jpg Structure-2.jpg

Pluggable 48CH AWG Card Specification

Number of channels


Occupied slot number


Wavelength range

DWDM: C Band, 100 GHz

Insertion loss

< 5.5 dB

Isolation ratio of adjacent channels

> 25 dB

Isolation ratio of non-adjacent channels

> 30 dB

Return loss

> 40 dB


> 45 dB

Interface type

All interfaces are LC type

Work temperature


Storage temperature


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