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10G SFP+ Multimode Transceiver

10G SFP+ Multimode Transceiver

  • 10G SFP+ Multimode Transceiver

Designed for Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SDH, SONET, CPRI, or OTN links over duplex multimode fibers, the Sintai 10G SFP+ multimode optical transceivers use 850nm wavelength and support transmission distance up to 300m.

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10G SFP+ Multimode Transceiver Feature

  • Adopt SFP+ hot-swappable encapsulation with LC interface.

  • Support an overall rate of 1.06Gb/s~11.3Gb/s with service compatibility.

  • Support specification of multi-mode.

  • Suitable for networks such as Ethernet/ FC/ SDH/ SONET/ CPRI/ OTN.

  • Multi-mode optical fiber supports a transmission distance of up to 0.3km.

  • Built-in DDM (digital diagnostic monitoring function).

  • Working temperature: 0°C ~ +70°C.

  • Comply with RoHS standards.

10G SFP+ Multimode Transceiver Overview

The 10G SFP+ optical communication module launched by Sintai Communication Co., Ltd is specifically designed for 10G Ethernet and 1G/2G/4G/8G/10G Fiber Channel applications, and it is compatible with STM-16/64, CPRI 2~8, OTU1/2, and other network applications. 

The module conforms to the MSA protocol and supports an adaptive rate of 1.06Gbps~11.3Gbps, complying with the RoHS standard, and supporting digital diagnostic function. The multi-mode optical transceiver can be used at the client-side with a transmission distance of 0.3 km.

10G SFP+ Multimode Transceiver Specification



Transmission distance



Transmitting power

Receiving sensitivity

Overload power







SFP+, multimode, 10G, dual fiber






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