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Sintai Enjoyed A Big Success In The PT EXPO China

Sintai Enjoyed A Big Success In The PT EXPO China

Exhibition Overview

As the "5G main battlefield", China International Information and Communication Exhibition 2019 focuses on the theme of "5G integration, building an intelligent world of all things connected". During the same period, more than 20 discussions focused on the hottest topics. Nearly 400 enterprises and organizations at home and abroad, 10400 Chinese and foreign media, and more than 81000 participants gathered here. In the opening discussion, Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and chairman of China Tower jointly launched 5G business, marking the new journey of 5g business in China.

From October 31 to November 3 of Beijing time, "2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition" was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Participants witnessed the latest 5G devices, terminals, 5G fusion products and 5G network solutions. The exhibition covers a total area of more than 40000 square meters, attracting more than 400 domestic and foreign enterprises and more than 80000 visitors. As the professional optical communication equipment manufacturers and optical transmission solution providers, Sintai communication also successfully participated in the exhibition.

Displayed Solutions and Products

In this exhibition, our main products include: 5G front-haul transmission half-active transmission system, 1U/2U/5U WDM system, 100G/40G/25G/10G DWDM equipment, 1U integrated passive WDM, plug-in passive WDM (AWG 40/48), optical splitter, optical amplification equipment (EDFA, OEO, SOA, PON amplification), optical protection equipment (OLP, OBP), and 1U integrated DWDM equipment (maximum support 48*10g capacity transparent transmission); the main solutions shown are 5G front-haul transmission network comprehensive solution, data center WDM transmission ring network, OTN metro area transmission network, etc. Among them, the 1U integrated DWDM equipment, OTN metro area transmission network, 5G front-haul network comprehensive solution, etc. have attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign customers in the industry and are widely praised.

Exhibition Summary

More than 300 Chinese and foreign VIPs have come to the exhibition to visit us, showing great interest and recognition in the relevant products and solutions displayed by our company, especially the 5G front-haul related products have been unanimously praised by Chinese and foreign VIPs, and put forward professional guidance opinions for our products, and we will continue to improve products and provide better products and services for customers

See into the future

Thank you for your support and attention to Sintai communication as always! This exhibition well shows our professional R&D ability and high-quality service ability. Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. adheres to the core values of "innovation, pragmatism, openness and enterprising, customer value first", and always focuses on providing access and transmission network solutions for domestic and international telecom operators and industry private network customers, helping customers improve revenue, rapidly improve transmission network bandwidth, improve network operation efficiency, reduce operation costs, and achieve network security, to achieve win-win cooperation mode. After years of development, we have achieved good performance in optical access network and optical transmission network, becoming an innovative high-tech enterprise in optical communication. In 2020, let's work together to embrace a better future.

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