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NCP Network Management Card

NCP Network Management Card

  • NCP Network Management Card

NCP is a network management module specially designed for OTNS8600 series products by Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd. Its main function is to provide the interface between equipment and network management system. 

With the NS2000 network management system of OTNS8600 series, NCP completes the single card management, various maintenances, and management signal transmission of a network element, and realizes the real-time monitoring, maintenance, and management of equipment element and the whole synchronous equipment network. It provides a good solution for equipment monitoring.

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NCP Network Management Card Feature

  • A high-speed ARM processor is used to provide powerful data processing capability. It can collect the status information, alarm events, and performance parameters of every single card's function module, and transform processes, and store them. Meanwhile, control and management information is transmitted to other functional modules of the equipment.

  • Provide a Console interface to support simulation terminal operation.

  • Provide two RJ45 Ethernet interfaces to support IP-based graphical SNMP network management.

  • Provide 3 SFP interfaces to support in-band management of equipment, realize the processing of 3 optical monitoring channels, and complete the receiving and sending of optical signals of the optical monitoring channel at each station.

  • The management module is hot-swappable and does not affect the normal operation of the current service after failure.

NCP Network Management Card Specification



Local management serial port

Support a Micro-USB local management serial port

Remote management Ethernet port

Supports two RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, interface rate 10/100/1000M adaptive

OSC optical monitoring port

Supports three pluggable optical SFP ports with LC interface

Network management method

Support CLI, Telnet, SNMP, Web, and other network management methods

Exchange function

Support IP communication between devices to realize integrated management

Protection function

Plug out or failure of network management card will not affect existing service

Maintenance function

Support local or remote software online upgrade

Reset function

Support hardware reset of local NCP card by operating key

Initialization function

Support initialization of local NCP card hardware by operating key

working temperature


Working humidity


Number of occupied slots

Support OTNS8600 full range chassis, occupying 1 slot

Maximum power consumption



>100000 hours

Default IP address of the factory

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