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Precautions for Using the Fiber Optic Transceiver

Precautions for Using the Fiber Optic Transceiver

1. Does the fiber optic transceiver itself support full-duplex and half-duplex?

Some optical transceiver chips on the market can only use a full-duplex environment at present, and cannot support half-duplex, such as connecting to other brands of switches (SWITCH) or hubs (HUB). Improper use will cause serious conflicts and packet loss.

2. Whether the fiber optic transceiver has been tested for connection with other fiber optic transceivers

There are more and more fiber optic transceivers on the market. If the transceivers of different brands have not been tested for mutual compatibility beforehand, packet loss, excessive transmission time, and sudden speed and slowness will also occur.

3. Does the fiber optic transceiver have a safety device to prevent packet loss?

In order to reduce costs, some fiber optic accessories suppliers often adopt the register data transmission mode when manufacturing optical fiber transceivers. The biggest disadvantage of this method is instability and packet loss during transmission, and the best is to use buffer circuit design, which can safely avoid data packet loss.

4. The temperature adaptability of the fiber optic transceiver

The fiber optic transceiver itself will generate high heat when it is used. When the temperature is too high (not greater than 50°C), whether the fiber optic transceiver is working properly. This is a factor worthy of consideration by customers.

5. Whether the fiber optic transceiver complies with the IEEE802.3u standard

The optical fiber transceiver should comply with the IEEE802.3 standard, that is, the delay time is controlled at 46bit. If it exceeds 46bit, it means that the transmission distance of the optical fiber transceiver will be shortened.

6. After-sales service of the fiber optic transceiver

In order to have better after-sales service, it is recommended that customers purchase optical fiber transceivers according to the manufacturer's strength, technology, reputation, etc. to choose. Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co.,LTD is a supplier of high-tech optical fiber accessories, focusing on the development, application and promotion of new technologies and new products. With a good reputation, stable product quality and professional technical service capabilities, the company has become the preferred supplier of switching equipment, routing equipment and other network products at home and abroad.

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