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Network Deployment Applications of OTN Technology

Network Deployment Applications of OTN Technology

OTN technology mainly carries circuits above GE particles, and then analyzes the basic hierarchy and distribution of transport business particles in the existing network, clarifying the various forms of OTN equipment that exist. Currently, OTN equipment has great value in the core layer of long-haul transport networks and metropolitan transport networks.

The effective application of OTN products in long-haul transmission networks

As the amount of business carried by long-haul transmission networks continues to increase, combined with the increase in large customer business particles, the flexibility and survivability of network services become increasingly prominent. In order to fully improve the quality of network operation, it is necessary to effectively apply transport network resources to ensure the effective improvement of relay circuit utilization efficiency. In the backbone nodes of the long-haul network, ultra-large capacity should be used as a scheduling hub. The distributed control panel is embedded in the ultra-large capacity OTN product cross-connect device, which can effectively use basic functions such as protection and recovery, thereby comprehensively improving the stability of long-haul transport network applications. Currently, by leveraging the value of ultra-large capacity OTN cross-connect devices, the wavelength channel service can be more perfect. Through the OTU mode of separating the operation line and the business branch, the network bandwidth utilization efficiency can be comprehensively improved, and OTN can transparently transmit signals. Routers do not need to use POS interfaces during the connection process and adopt data interfaces such as 10CE.

The current application of OTN equipment in long-haul transmission networks mainly provides wavelength channels for data network router main lines and provincial networks to ensure the effective transmission of multiple services. The network needs to support OTU single channel CLI, OSC optical monitoring channel management, and OLP system protection during operation. The network is mainly organized by channel mixing, which can carry multiple services. This approach is vital in the OTN structure as it facilitates the successful implementation of multiple wavelengths, thus enabling enhanced and efficient communication across various channels.

The application of OTN products in the metropolitan core network

In the current coverage area of the regional network, IP network equipment is mainly connected by fiber-optic direct connection. With the continuous enhancement of network bandwidth and the gradual acceleration of the transmission speed of important device ports, the disadvantages of applying bare fiber directly to undertake various businesses gradually appear. The price of router interfaces increases with the increase in transmission distance. In addition, due to low stability and management, there is a large amount of time and effort in handling optical path faults. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively deploy the system according to the distance between nodes, change the shortcomings of bare fiber, and focus on solving the problem of IP business transmission. Currently, the efficient application of the system can ensure that the fiber-optic transmission efficiency can be comprehensively improved, but due to the influence of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology, wavelengths cannot be dynamically adjusted, and the value of resource utilization is limited, making it difficult to effectively adjust various businesses.

In terms of network management and application security, WDM system has many shortcomings, and the network management can only effectively monitor the application performance of the optical layer, and it is difficult to exclude multiple application failures, which makes maintenance difficult. In addition, the OTN network architecture is based on large particle scheduling and multi-wavelength transmission, which fully highlights the advantages of SDH and WDM applications, can realize cross-scheduling, and establish a more comprehensive large-capacity transport business.

In the wavelength division layer, the application function of OTN products can be effectively compatible, and it has different levels of cross-functionality and protection capability, which can carry businesses with different rates. The OTN carrying GE rate business has great application advantages. Through effective network management configuration, different business flexibilities can be scheduled to enhance circuit controllability. However, the currently higher requirements for performance detection and fault management are poor, so the application of OTN can comprehensively replace various large-particle businesses in the metropolitan area network. In order to promote the comprehensive development of multiple businesses, it is necessary to gradually improve the network business coordination capability, apply OTN technology, and adapt to more requirements for data networks.

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