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The Three China Major Operators Start The 400G ERA Of Optical Transmission

The Three China Major Operators Start The 400G ERA Of Optical Transmission

In the development of optical transmission network, the pursuit of high speed is an eternal theme. 100G should be said to be the mainstream technology of optical transmission network. China has built the world's largest 100g WDM / OTN commercial transmission network.

However, with the coming of 5G era and the Internet of things era, the demand for optical network bandwidth presents an exponential growth trend, and 100G is also gradually in short supply. Cignal Al, an analysis company, has predicted that the ultra-100G technology will occupy nearly 1 / 4 of the optical network bandwidth in 2020.

China Unicom: start 400G business in 2018

At the "Optical of China Summit" held on September 26, 2018 during the China International Information and Communication Exhibition, Tang Xiongyan, chief scientist of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute / chief architect of China Unicom intelligent network center, revealed that China Unicom has started 400G pilot project in 2017 and launched 400G commercial operation in 2018.

The ITU-T G.654. E international standard was completed and released in September 2016, and the G.654. E industry standard led by China Unicom has also been formulated. The ultra-low loss and large effective area G.654. E fiber is the best choice for 400g / 1T system. It has the advantages of ultra-low attenuation, large effective area and excellent macro bending and micro bending performance under specific technology, which can meet the deployment needs of complex environment

China Mobile: the development of ultra-100G is a sharp weapon to expand the cable broadband market 

According to the latest statistics in August 2018, the total number of China mobile cable broadband users reached 141.86 million, with a net increase of 3.725 million in August and a cumulative net increase of 29.181 million in 2018. At a press conference on the performance of the first half of the year, China Mobile said it had raised the target of net increase of broadband users to 30 million in 2018. 

As early as 2014, China Mobile completed the first domestic laboratory test of dual carrier 400g (2 × 200g) and four carrier 400g (4 × 100g) and pilot network.

At the beginning of this year, China Mobile Research Institute organized the first single carrier 400g technology laboratory test in China, mainly to verify the performance and function of single carrier 400g system. This test is the first centralized test of single carrier 400g optical transmission network for domestic operators, which is also an important link to promote the ultra 400g technology from laboratory to large-scale commercial use.

China Telecom: 400G network test has been completed locally

As early as 2014, China Telecom has clearly set up a new 400G file in centralized purchasing, that is to say, China Telecom has introduced 400G routers in scale.

In April 2017, Fiberhome and Shanghai Telecom completed the test of 400G existing network based on WSS all-optical scheduling in the second plane of Shanghai Telecom OTN, the largest and most complex local network in China.

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