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Sintai Communication Was Invited to Attend the 2021GIDC East China Station GIDC2021 East China Station

Sintai Communication Was Invited to Attend the 2021GIDC East China Station GIDC2021 East China Station

Sintai Communication Was Invited to Attend the 2021GIDC East China Station

GIDC2021 East China Station







Cloud network collaboration

Fusion of cloud and edge computing


Green energy

Hybrid cloud

2021 Global Internet Data Conference


The 2021 GIDC Global Internet Data Conference will focus on the five key words of "trends, ecology, hardware, services, and technology", and ten sub-themes such as "new infrastructure", "green data center", "IDC asset securitization", "cloud network collaboration", "Fusion of Cloud and Edge computing", "Green Energy", "Data Information Security", "Hybrid Cloud", "SD-WAN", "Cloud Native", "Artificial Intelligence", and "DevOps Automated Operation and Maintenance". The new Internet development trend in the 5G era provides innovative Internet software and hardware products and new generation technology empowerment.

Here, the organizing committee of the conference sincerely invites your participation to jointly explore the value of "data" and the industry ecology in the future.


Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd., was established in January 2013. It is a professional manufacturer and service provider of innovative products. It has a number of product and technology invention patents. It is a high-tech enterprise and 5G enterprise in Guangdong Province. The company's transmission products have provided professional products and technical services for domestic and foreign telecom operators and ISP, IDC, electric power, education, transportation, broadcasting, finance, network security, cloud computing and other industries private network customers.

Sintai Company is committed to providing integrated optical transmission systems and optical transmission optimization solutions. Products include wavelength division optical transmission systems (including 10G/100G/200G wavelength division systems, 5G fronthaul wavelength division systems); OTN intelligent optical network systems; optical amplification systems ( OEO optical relay amplifier, EDFA erbium-doped fiber amplification card, SOA amplifier; optical protection system (OLP optical line protection system, OBP optical bypass protection system, FMS optical cable monitoring system; optical device product series (active full range of optical module products) Series, CWDM/DWDM/AWG passive wavelength division multiplexer, optical splitter, dispersion compensation, optical switch, etc.)

All wills to create Sintai, to win prosperity in the future. Sintai always takes customer service as the center and carry the concept of quality first; strictly abides by international standards and system requirements such as ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO45001 and CE; management uses ERP and other information technology, and cooperates with "customers, suppliers, outsourcing Factory, logistics", etc. have established a multi-integrated lean supply chain system; provide strong guarantee and support for the global market and customers! Creating value for customers, developing together with customers, and contributing to society will be the fundamental and mission of Sintai's long-term work!

At this time GIDC2021, Sintai Communication will join hands with GIDC Global Internet Data Conference to contribute to the development of the industry.

Activity Theme

A. The development of new data industry driven by "new infrastructure"

1. How to meet the digital basic resources under the ever-increasing digital demand?

2. The new digital infrastructure form in the 5G era?

3. The rules of computing power allocation in the context of computing network integration.

B. Data center ReITs and asset securitization trends

1. IDC ReITs return rate calculation

2. ReITs' hard requirements and rules for IDC projects

3. Cases and trends of IDC ReITs worldwide

C. New trends in the data center industry under cloud-network synergy

1. How to find the position of traditional IDC under the demand of XaaS?

2. Cloud network business logic and new ecological environment construction

3. How to share the functions and requirements of the operation and maintenance team under the cooperation of cloud and network?

D. Green energy-comprehensive and effective control of data center energy efficiency output

1. The trend and understanding of global liquid cooling development

2. Inventory and thinking of PUE policies in various regions

3. How to achieve industrial development of green energy

E. Fusion of Cloud and Edge Computing-Reconstruction of Computing Power under the Trend of Distributed Computing

1. How do edge computing resources meet the cloud network ecology?

2. Development trend of edge nodes and inventory of domestic node resources

3. How to explore the next-generation application scenarios of edge computing

F. Building a software-defined agile/scalable network

1. How to build an agile and reliable customer service system?

2. The global development trend of SD-WAN and the value of cloud network

3. How does SD-WAN help enterprises achieve low-cost and high-reliability network requirements?

G. The new trend of software-defined cloud-network collaboration under the hybrid cloud trend

1. How to explore economically feasible software-defined network capabilities under the multi-cloud trend?

2. Under the multi-cloud trend, the value of distributed computing power and distributed storage resources

3. In the multi-cloud trend, how to meet the application requirements of various scenarios?

H. Data center business transformation under the cloud-native trend

1. Data center transformation under the development trend of virtualized containers

2. Cloud native ecological development and interpretation of open source projects

3. Cloud-native examples and reflections on Internet operation and maintenance applications

I. Data center overseas business and overseas POP point construction ecology

1. Thinking about policies and channels for overseas establishment of data centers

2. Selection and sharing of CDN nodes for Internet overseas business

3. List of overseas policy sharing and data center construction channels

J. How does the network security and data industry respond to DDoS attacks?

1. How to build cloud network security solutions at low cost

2. Global anti-DDoS solutions and thinking

3. How to realize the industrialization of safety products in China

K. How to ensure the reliability of financial cloud and the needs of cloud network reform

1. Exploration of cloud network requirements in vertical scenarios

2. How "computing power + storage" can further meet the needs of the future financial environment

3. How to build a safe and secure financial cloud system?

L. DevOps automated operation and maintenance management construction guide

1. How to build a safe and reliable DevOps operation and maintenance system?

2. Cloud native + DevOps integration trend and case sharing

3. Create an automated operation and maintenance system that meets future Internet application scenarios



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Conference name:

2021 GIDC Global Internet Data Conference-East China Station

Conference time:

July 7, 2021

Conference address:

Amana Bonjour Hotel Shanghai (600 Changshou Road)

Directed by:

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology




Shanghai Smart City Development Research Institute

Shenzhen Big Data Industry Association

South China Data Center Industry Alliance

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