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Congratulations on Sintai's Joining CFOL

Congratulations on Sintai's Joining CFOL

Recently, Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd., the provider focusing on IDC optical transmission wavelength division solutions, has joined the optical fiber online member, and will join hands with optical fiber online to jointly expand the market promotion activities in the future.

Founded in 2013, Sintai Communication is committed to optical transmission network system and optical transmission optimization solutions, and is one of the top optical communication product manufacturers and service providers in China. Our products include wavelength division optical transmission system (including 10G / 100G / 200G WDM / coherent system, 5G fronthaul transmission passive / semi-active WDM system); OTN intelligent optical network system; optical amplification system (OEO optical relay amplifier, EDFA doped fiber amplifier, SOA amplifier); optical protection system (OLP optical line protection system, OBP optical bypass protection system, FMS optical cable monitoring system); optical component product series (2.5G / 10G / 25G / 40G / 100G / 200G optical module series, CWDM / DWDM / AWG passive WDM, optical splitter, dispersion compensation, etc.)

The core team of Sintai Communication comes from the top optical transmission system equipment enterprises at home and abroad. The company team consists of 30% of the R&D personnel and 13% of the test engineer. Sintai has invested more than 15% of the annual profit each year, creating the innovative solutions. The products of Sintai Communication have obtained more than 20 independent innovation inventions and practical patents, and the products and services have been extended to many industries at home and abroad. They are widely used in telecom operators, IDC, power, education, transportation, radio and television, finance, network security, big data, cloud services and other fields, and the market share is steadily increasing with the continuous improvement of the company's innovative products.

——In 2013, in the initial stage of Sintai Communication, OTNS8600 WDM products were rapidly launched, supporting 100 m ~ 100 g full rate and all types of service access, compatible with all service cards, supporting WDM and OTN platforms, and supporting C-band 96 wave system transmission. At present, the single core fiber transmission capacity can reach 19.2T

——In 2017, Sintai took the lead in launching 100G WDM products and providing professional industry solutions.

——In 2018, Sintai took the lead in launching 48 * 10G integrated wavelength division products, and the company's products made breakthroughs in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia and other international markets.

——In 2019, 5G fronthaul transmission WDM / semi-active products was launched for the operator market, and the share of the Internet industry increased dramatically.

——In 2020, Sintai took the lead in providing 12 * 100G integrated wavelength division products. The rapid growth of international business makes the company a global WDM equipment supplier

Sintai Communication adheres to the core values of "innovation, pragmatism, openness and enterprising, customer values first", and realizes win-win value with customers with the concept of "innovation, professionalism and pragmatism".

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