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5G Will Change Many Areas Of Future Society

5G Will Change Many Areas Of Future Society

As a high-profile next generation mobile communication network, 5g testing, layout and negotiation are heating up all over the world. The competition related to it is becoming more and more intense. The competition among companies, cities and countries, 5g carries too many missions and expectations.

Compared with 4G communication, 5g not only has a leap forward in speed, but also has incomparable capacity, coverage, privacy, security, ethics, user experience, communication interaction and so on. Based on these outstanding characteristics, 5g will open a new era for human development.

Thomas Frey, a well-known futurist in the world, is also full of expectations for the future 5g life. From financial consumption to transportation, from social applications to tourism and entertainment, he has sorted out 88 changes that 5g will bring to the future industrial development, job opportunities and daily life. Among them, many changes seem inconceivable today, but in the future, it is a rare and ordinary scene.

Banking in the Future

How will money develop in the next 30 years? Should we adopt digital cryptocurrency, continue to use national currency, or both? How will the banking industry change now? 5g will bring some potential changes to the banking industry.


1. The password will disappear.

2. ATMs will be replaced by smart phones.

3. The game based microfinance system will provide additional credit for the way people deal with specific situations.

4. The use of cash will only account for a small proportion today.

5. Driverless mobile banking will replace most of the existing bank branches.

6. Virtual teller will replace most human tellers.

7. Auto loans will almost disappear.

8. Automated microfinance will become the new profit center of banking industry.

Agriculture in the Future

At present, traditional agriculture is hovering on the edge of data revolution. In the future, the supply chain of food and agricultural products will be digitized, and real-time data flow will highlight every fluctuation and change of consumer preference.

9. Real time monitoring of crop planting, soil and yield analysis.

10. Macro early warning system reminds farmers to pay attention to disease, insects, weather and other influencing factors.

11. Using AR vision scanning to find crop problems.

12. The single plant health monitoring system will make the analysis of the problem area more refined.

13. Artificial meat cultured in laboratory will become a high-tech food production method.

14. Digital tags for livestock will allow for screening and analysis of animals using AR vision technology.

15. The pest control device based on AI system will try to attack the pest with various frequencies until it finds the right frequency and forms an effective protection range.

16. Most farm grown agricultural products, grains, nuts and other crops will be dated, geographically and chemically tagged in the blockchain database to provide consumers with more informed choices.

Medical care in the Future

For remote areas or rural areas, medical treatment has been a problem that lacks effective solutions. In the next 10 years, with the increasing popularity of virtual medicine, through the remote home detection system, doctors can easily access health monitoring and analysis data, and provide health management solutions for patients.

17. Virtual doctors will become more affordable and accessible all over the world.

18. Patient privacy encrypted records based on blockchain can transfer a large number of data files in seconds.

19. Under the supervision and guidance of doctors, emergency surgery performed by non doctors will become popular all over the world.

20. Globally, training for doctors and nurses will be interactive and virtualized.

21. Whole body health scanning will realize real-time holographic monitoring of surgery, heart scanning, liver scanning, digestive system scanning, etc.

22. Nanoscanning at the molecular level will soon become possible.

23. Language translation services will enable doctors and nurses to serve patients in different languages.

24. Wearable health monitoring devices based on AI will become more and more common, and will become more complex over time.

Social Networking in the Future

Building new relationships is always a challenge, especially when people find themselves in a strange environment. In the future, that will change.

25. Singles will have the opportunity to find people with similar interests nearby through more compatible apps.

26. Smart jewelry such as rings and bracelets will express people's emotions and psychological activities through luminous colors.

27. Ar glasses will provide the wearer with a visual preview and detailed background of a future encounter.

28. The complex new translation system will make it easy for people to cross cultural and linguistic barriers.

29. Point and call smartphones will enable people to make calls to anyone they see.

30. The automatic appearance evaluation system will scan you before you go out and evaluate the overall appearance image to give suggestions for improvement.

31. Social networking companies will provide driverless speed matching cars, and you can quickly get to know each other's situation within 5 minutes while driving.

32. Virtual dating based on various two-way communication devices will make dating more romantic.

Future Insurance

While emerging technologies will reduce risks in some areas, they will also increase risks in others. In the future, the core of each insurance policy is still to help customers make reasonable planning to deal with various risks.

5G will provide insurance companies with real-time automated probability curves, significantly reduce transaction costs, and open the door to previously unprofitable segments.

33. Automation will create and monitor micro guarantees and micro policies in thousands of niche areas previously considered unprofitable.

34. Real time monitoring scenario risk assessment system.

35. Automatic holographic whole body scanning security system will replace the "ID card" authentication mode.

36. After each claim, UAVs will be used to scan homes, vehicles and businesses for quick response.

37. The specially designed UAV will conduct customer interviews, analyze the loss and pay compensation within minutes after the claim is filed.

38. Blockchain will enable companies to better assess their personal ownership networks and change valuations in real time.

39. A series of new robot insurance policies will be introduced to cover multiple dimensions of robot use.

40. The life map will be used to assess individual risk patterns.

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