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Analysis Of Global Optical Communication Market

Analysis Of Global Optical Communication Market

Recently, China Investment Advisory Network released the report on in-depth investigation and investment prospect forecast of optical communication industry in 2017-2021. The report points out that after years of development, the main development regions of global optical communication market are China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union

Analysis of main development regions of optical communication market

The United States, the country with the most perfect optical communication industry, has advanced optical communication technology, but the actual optical communication network construction lags behind Japan and South Korea. With the government vigorously promoting broadband construction, FTTH industry develops rapidly.

Japan is a big country of optical communication, and its optical fiber access is in the leading position in the world. Japanese optical communication enterprises account for more than 70% of the domestic market in Japan. The huge share has promoted the construction of Japan's optical communication and the growth of its export economy.

South Korea, the main optical communication market in Asia Pacific region, has a FTTH coverage rate of 92%. Samsung, LG, SK Telecom and other local enterprises have advanced technology and equipment in the development of optical communication industry, and have a certain influence in the world

In Europe, the development of optical communication industry in this region has reached maturity, and the market has maintained stable growth. The penetration rate of optical communication network is relatively high, and the development of FTTH is uneven. The development level of Sweden, Denmark and other more advanced countries is relatively high, and the gap is relatively large.

Distribution of optical communication industry in China

China's optical communication industry has experienced rapid development for many years, and has formed optical communication industry clusters in Hubei, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Henan and Guangdong, according to the report.

Optical fiber market occupies half of the world

In recent years, with the recovery of global optical communication market, China's optical fiber and cable industry ushered in a new round of development. With the continuous expansion of market scale, the overall strength of China's optical fiber and cable industry is rapidly improving. Compared with a decade ago, this situation has changed dramatically. China's optical fiber and cable market scale has occupied half of the global market, and the technological innovation ability of China's optical fiber and cable enterprises has been able to compete with international leading manufacturers.

At present, there is almost no overcapacity in the global optical fiber and cable industry, which benefits from the strong demand for broadband and 4G construction in recent years. The total amount of rod fiber supply in the world is basically equal to the demand, and the optical cable production capacity is slightly larger to meet the periodic supply peak.

For domestic optical fiber and cable, based on the demand problem, some experts in the industry pointed out that there has always been a risk that the growth rate of production capacity is higher than the growth rate of demand in China's optical fiber and cable industry. After the construction peak period has passed, there will be a surplus of domestic homogeneous production capacity, and China's optical fiber can seek export path digestion. However, due to technical and quality reasons, the domestic optical cable production capacity is not suitable for the overseas market. Some small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in single optical cable manufacturing will face more severe market adjustment.

In the field of optical fiber cable technology and manufacturing, the gap between China and foreign countries is mainly reflected in the light rod prefabrication, and there is no obvious gap between China and foreign enterprises in other aspects. This is enough to explain the rise of China's optical communication industry. With the development of the market, optical fiber technical indicators are also constantly improving.

At present, a variety of new optical fibers are constantly emerging, and major manufacturers are also accelerating the research and development of new optical fibers. For example, ultra-low loss, large effective area fiber, polarization maintaining fiber, hollow core fiber, etc. Chinese manufacturers continue to innovate and update existing technologies to provide different fiber optic cables for different scenarios. Perhaps, in a few years' time, China's optical fiber market will not only occupy half of the world's total, but even 80-90%.

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